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echor downloads wastewater discharge and air emission data for EPA permitted facilities using the EPA ECHO API.


echor is on CRAN:

Or install the development version from github:



Download information about facilities with an NPDES permit

We can look up plants by permit id, bounding box, and numerous other parameters. I plan on providing documentation of available parameters. However, arguments can be looked up here: get_cwa_rest_services_get_facility_info

The ECHO database can provide over 270 different columns. echor returns a subset of these columns that should work for most users. However, you can specify what data you want returned. Use echoWaterGetMeta() to return a dataframe with column numbers, names, and descriptions to identify the columns you want returned. Then include the column numbers as a comma separated string in the qcolumns argument. In the example below, the qcolumns argument indicates the dataframe will include plant name, 8-digit HUC, latitude, longitude, and total design flow.

When returned as sf dataframes, the data is suitable for immediate spatial plotting or analysis:

Download discharge/emissions data

Use echoGetEffluent() or echoGetCAAPR() to download tidy dataframes of permitted water discharger Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) or permitted emitters Clean Air Act annual emissions reports. Please note that all variables are returned as character vectors.